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International Test Cricket


Cricket Manager will be similar in many respects to my existing cricket game International Test Cricket. If you are unfamiliar with International Test Cricket a shareware version can be downloaded. I hope to add some of the management features that are included in games like International Cricket Captain by Empire and many football management games.

Planned Features: Features listed here may not make it in final product. Some features may be restricted or disabled in the shareware version.  Features listed in green are ones that I either initially forgot about or have been suggested. If you think of a feature not current listed please submit it on the Wish List.

bulletWill run on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
bulletStatistical based model for all matches
bulletBoth 4 day and 1 day games
bulletComplete Player averages and records calculated
bulletPlay against intelligent CPU opponents
bulletSeveral human managers in same game
bulletSelect teams from a Squad of up to 30 Players
bulletSelect Team/Batting/Bowling aggression
bulletSelect Batting/Bowling order
bulletPitch/Ball/Bounce/Weather/Outfield conditions
bulletForm ratings for Batting/Bowling/Fielding
bulletInjuries, retired hurt
bulletSeparate batting, bowling and fielding training
bulletAbility to recruit retiring players as coaches
bulletCurrent Squads of domestic sides from the 9 Test playing countries (Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe)
bulletWorld Leagues made up by combining all domestic sides in to a new competition
bulletMulti-divisions allowing promotion/relegation
bulletKnock-out 1 day tournament
bulletPlayer contracts
bulletPlayers will age, retire, etc.
bulletNew Players will become available
bulletTransfer system
bulletBall by Ball output
bulletOutput to printer, file, HTML source
bulletBuilt in email option
bulletAutoSave Player averages and records
bulletSave position part way through Season
bulletArchive Season for later viewing
bulletPBM/PBeM/Office Pool League option (probably end up as separate specialist version)
bulletAdd/Edit/Delete Players/Grounds/Squads

Development time is expected to be about a year. To help support me during the development time please register International Test Cricket or buy the CD-ROM. All registered users of International Test Cricket will be offered a discount off Cricket Manager when it is released (This discount can only be offered to people who order Cricket Manager through me).

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