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International Test Cricket


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Prize : Winner can choose from International Cricket Captain 2001 Ashes Edition (PC), International Cricket Captain 2001 Ashes Edition (PSX) or India vs Australia 2001 Video (PAL only).


Similar idea to the Simulated Test Report Competition. Send in a newspaper report/complete scorecard for a fantasy fictional test. Note this is a test you make up totally not one of the simulated tests I have done. There are no restrictions or limits on players, era, etc. To stand a chance of winning really use your imagination.

Send in newspaper reports (500 to 2000 words) as text file, HTML or Word 97 files (not 2000 - if you use 2000 use Save As 97) to me. Please spell check all entries.

Send in scorecards as text file or HTML only. No word processed scorecards. Make sure all totals are correct.


There were only 9 entires. Only 3 people really used their imagination. Entires that also included photographs (which were not asked for) had to be disqualified as unless you have reproduction rights to the photos used I could not publish your entry.

In the end there was a clear winner Aditya Mandavilli who came up with a very imaginative scenario (shown below).

MARS, January 1, 2001 AD

The finals of the Milky Way cup was held here, played between Mars and Earth. The players from Mars were unbeaten leading up to the final. On the other hand, the Earthlings crawled their way to the finals. They had the extra advantage of home conditions during their Semi Finals at Earth. Their opponents, Venus, were struggling, their players not getting enough of Nitrogen.

Things didn't exactly work out for the Earthlings. Their cricketing gear was redirected to Pluto and they were unable to practice until 2 days before the match. Well, the important thing is that they received their kits.

The weather was pleasant for the mars-tians and unpleasant for the Earthlings. The sky was scarlet red in colour (their gaseous layer is like that), the temperature a warm (by their standards) -20 C. Steve Waugh, the earthling captain walked out with M1210912 (note in Mars, the Martians are named with M-followed by a serial number which is dynamically generated. According to officials, this helps them keep track of the population and also maintain uniqueness) for the toss. Since this was the first time Steve Waugh tossed the coin in Mars, he was not aware of the lack of gravitation, and so the coin took 5 minutes to land. Eventually, Mars won the toss and elected to field. The colour of the ball in this part of the galaxy is blue and the sightscreen is green in colour.

Tendulkar and Jayasuriya were the openers and initially took time to adjust their backlift and strokes due to less frictional force of the air. Once they got into their groove, the balls were flying to the boundaries (which were 180 yards long - this was calculated taking all scientific reasoning into account. This was done by Luckworth & Dewis). The ball had to be replaced in the 6th over because Tendulkar hit a ball so hard that the ball's velocity exceeded the escape velocity (2.6 km/s) and went into orbit. Reports from Earth state that the ball landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean near the island of Cocos.

They were finally halted by the accurate and artistic bowling of M3284972. Jayasuriya was caught by M836432 who leaped 200 metres into the air to catch it - a stupendous five-handed catch! Something impossible on Earth. After Tendulkar's run out, play had to be halted due to a storm....not a rain storm, not a dust storm, but an asteroid storm!! Kallis fell early, and Inzamam was run out for the 1000th time in his career. M3284972 continued bowling 6th arm above the wicket (his leap enabled him to jump above the stumps!). Andy Flower and Chris Cairns provided some flourish in the end and enabled the Earthlings to reach a score of 242/7 in the allotted 50 over.

The total was never going to be a match winning one. For the Martians, M3284972 picked up 3 wickets.

The Martian openers came out confident, and why not. In the very first over, McGrath had to leave the field with a sprained ankle, and never bowled in the match again. In the very next over, Donald provided the breakthrough by trapping M3218927 leg before wicket. It was a comedy of errors earlier in the over. Donald's high leap made him overstep by 8 feet. The next ball, he attempted to bowl a bouncer, which was very short and bounced over everybody and landed over the ropes....SIX no-balls!!

Once Donald got into rhythm, it looked as if Earth was going to win, but the wickets were not coming. Fifties by M3286212, M2138922, and M3264213 saw the Martians through.

Mars won the Milky Way Cup handsomely. During the post-match conference, Steve Waugh sarcastically pointed out that the conditions were 'a bit' different from earth.

The UCC (Universal Cricket Council) has now made it mandatory that some sort of standard should be followed so that when a home planet plays on their own turf, they won't have an undue advantage.

But, in the record book, Mars won the first ever Milky Way cup. The next edition is in 4 years - the finals to be played in Mercury! Pluto and Uranus have protested saying that their members cannot survive there. We have to wait and watch what the UCC have in store.

The trophy was presented to the Martian team amidst cheers by the home crowd. For the Earthlings, it is a long rocket journey back home, and back to work.

Earth innings (50 overs maximum)                         R   B   4  6
Tendulkar           run out (M2138922/M3284972)         74 100   5  4
Jayasuriya          c M836432          b M3284972       43  65   3  3
Kallis              lbw                b M3284972        7  14   1  0
Inzamam             run out (M3284972)                  29  38   2  0
Flower              c M3264213         b M1932212       40  48   3  0
*Waugh                                 b M1932212        2   5   0  0
Cairns              not out                             29  22   2  0
Pollock                                b M3284972        2   5   0  0
Muralitharan        not out                              5   5   0  0
Extras                (lb 3, w 6, nb 2)                 11
Total                 (7 wickets, 50 overs)            242

DNB Donald, McGrath.

FoW 1-108 (Jayasuriya, 24.5 ov), 2-123 (Kallis, 28.6 ov),
    3-128 (Tendulkar, 30.2 ov), 4-194 (Inzamam, 42.3 ov),
    5-201 (Waugh, 43.5 ov), 6-210 (Flower, 45.3 ov),
    7-215 (Pollock, 46.5 ov).

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
M836432                     10      2     40      0 (2w)
M3247889                    10      0     50      0 (1nb, 1w)
M3264213                     9      0     47      0
M1329232                     2      0     14      0
M3284972                    10      0     45      3 (1w)
M1932212                     9      0     43      2 (1nb, 1w)

Mars innings (target 243 runs from 50 overs)             R   B   4  6
M3218927           lbw                b Donald           4  12   0  0
M3286212                              b Waugh           64  83   4  0
M2138922                              b Donald          82 102   8  0
M3264213                              b Donald          56  61   5  0
*M1210912          not out                              18  25   2  0
M1932212           run out (Donald/Kallis/Jayasuriya)    9   8   1  0
M1329232           not out                               1   3   0  0
Extras             (lb 1, w 9)                          10
Total                 (5 wickets, 49 overs)            244

DNB M4932782, M3247889, M3284972, M836432.

FoW 1-15 (M3218927, 3.5 ov), 2-124 (M3286212, 26.6 ov),
    3-194 (M2138922, 39.6 ov), 4-225 (M3264213, 45.5 ov),
    5-236 (M1932212, 47.6 ov).

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
McGrath                      1      0      1      0
Donald                      10      1     49      3 (2w)
Pollock                      8      1     32      0 (1w)
Inzamam                      3      0     16      0
Muralitharan                 9      0     59      0 (4w)
Kallis                       7      0     39      0 (1w)
Tendulkar                    7      0     30      0 (1w)
Waugh                        4      0     17      1
Man of the Match M2138922

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