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International Test Cricket


Review by Abhishek Dafria

EA SPORTS has come out with yet another Cricketing Game which is no better than its previous ones. It is hard to believe that the makers of the hit game FIFA can come up with this game, CRICKET 2000, a total disappointment.

The graphics of CRICKET 2000 are not worth talking about with each player of a team having the same features.


The bowling actions are more or less the same. The wrist spinners like Warne have an action totally different than their original one. It is difficult to bowl short balls if you are a paceman. And believe it or not, the spinners give the ball so much flight that they regularly bowl the ball over the shoulder height and get a no-ball!!


In the batting department, the defensive shots are worth to watch. But other than that, batting is also not at all exciting. If one hits the ball in the air, it appears to drift (a season ball drifting)! Running between the wickets is slow and exasperating.


One hardly understands, where and what are the fielders doing on the field? The keeper at times dives to grab the ball left by the batsman which appears unnecessary. After a wicket has fallen there are no videos to watch as in other EA games.


The availability of more than 20 stadiums and night play as well as the net practice are the only things that might interest you in the game. The commentary is not much worth listening to. Also, the players come out too slowly from the pavilion which adds to the boredom.

Overall, CRICKET 2000 does not provide any better entertainment than its predecessors. One cannot rate it more than 2/5.

Review by V.K. Paradkar

EA have stepped into the Cricket Arena once again with their latest offering " Cricket 2000 ", an addition to their " 2000 " series. Without wasting much time, I would like to come directly to the point. If you don’t like " ICC Cricket World Cup 99 ( CWC99) ", don’t waste your time reading this article. I laid my hands on the game, and now I’m repenting on the same. Anyway read it its not too big.

The Uppers

bulletThe game looks as good as any other EA / EA Sports game.
bulletAs usual the multimedia content, i.e. the Videos and Audio are great.
bulletA beautiful cricketing atmosphere is created during every match – the crowd sounds, the weather effects etc.
bulletA good controller support for mouse, keyboard and game-pad.
bulletThe starting menus are also well designed.
bulletChoice of different stadiums around the world.
bulletThe Net-Practice mode for new comers.

The Downers

bulletThe gameplay which was the main factor to be changed, hasn't been changed at all.
bulletThe developer is still Creative Assembly.
bulletThe batsmen still don’t read the length and bounce of the ball correctly.
bulletGetting the computer opponents out, even at the highest level of difficulty, is as easy as snatching a candy from a toddler.
bulletIts " Cricket 2000 " and not " CWC99 ". At least now they should have brought in the Test match option. You get to play only an ODI or the World Cup or The Super Six Competition. Though the Test match option is not there, many of the player statistics have been given with respect to Test matches. Master Blaster S. Tendulkar has a highest score of 217, and not 186.
bulletThe squads haven’t been properly updated. S. Ramesh and N. Mongia still play for India. Donald has still not left One-Day cricket.
bulletEach and every word of the commentary is the same as CWC99. I’m sorry to say this, but the two Old guys give a really boring commentary. It is not as exciting as that of Tony Greig’s or Sunil Gavaskar’s or that of Barry Richards. EA should find a new voice now. Hearing Mr. Richie Benaud right from "Cricket 96" makes it a boring affair.
bulletThe Font problems with TnT / TnT2 / GeForce based cards hasn't been fixed yet.
bulletOne more thing that is not there, mainly for amateurs who can’t win easily, is the " Match Fixing " option. J


At the end of the day, EA have failed to deliver what was expected from them. In simple language,

" Cricket 2000 = CWC99 + Patch 1.0 + Patch 1.1 + New Videos, Audio and Menu Screens "

All in all, if you are an EA Sports fan, and want to complete the " 2000 " series collection, buy the game. But if you are a real cricket fan and want some real action, go and play it in reality, or continue playing Brian Lara Cricket. I’m sure you enjoy BLC more the Cricket 2000.

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