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Sorry made a small error when I originally posted the on-line server connection details. The port number should be 2263 not 2363. Corrected details now shown below.

** Server is back :) **
As a result of the dedicated server that now owns the on-line server for ICC 2002 has been resurrected. Please read the following carefully before attempting to connect as you need to alter your ICC 2002 configuration to point to the new server.

bulletThe on-line league has been totally reset. You will need to re-register your CD key to access the server.
bulletIf you have lost your CD key then no new ones will be supplied.
bulletIf you have never played on-line before please read the whole of this page especially the section covering potential game problems dependant on where you are at in your saved game.

Server Configuration
A new configuration file called server.cfg need to be created using NotePad (or equivalent text editor) in your ICC 2002 directory
(by default this is C:\Program Files\Empire International\International Cricket Captain 2002). This file consists of the following 3 lines

The first line is the name of the server to connect to. Note there is NO www ( will take you to the forum). The second line is the port to connect to. If you are using a firewall you may need to open port 2263. The final line is your current version. This *must* be set to the correct version. If you previously applied the patch on-line set this line to 1.01. If you have re-installed or never updated on-line previously leave it at 1.0 and the patch will automatically be downloaded and applied. You can see which version of ICC you are currently running on the title screen.
** Important note ** If you set your version to 1.0 to download the patch server.cfg is not updated as part of the patch process so once patch has been successfully applied to prevent having to download the patch again edit the server.cfg file again and change last line to 1.01.

Once this file has been created start up ICC 2002 and try and connect to the Network Game.

Trouble Shooting - Only do this if you had problems creating a new account. If you have previously played on-line you may need to clear your existing CD key. This requires editing the registry. If you are unfamiliar with using a registry editor do not attempt this as editing the registry incorrectly can damage your Windows installation. using regedit or equivalent registry editor navigate to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Empire Interactive\International Cricket Captain 2002' and delete the CDK and ESP entries.

Magpie - This is the ICC 2002 editor in development at CricketWeb. In the spirit of a fair on-line game it is requested (but can not be enforced) that you don't use saved games or databases created/edited with Magpie. As Magpie doesn't correctly decipher all details it is quite possible a Magpie saved game could crash when played on-line.

The server costs US$150 a month and is paid for on a month by month basis. Please consider helping support the cost of the server by donating money via PayPal (see link at bottom of left hand panel) or by ordering International Test Cricket (if you aren't already a user). As a suggestion donate US$20 for every 100 games played (20c a game is not much). I will try and implement it such that users who donate will not fall foul of their rating being reduced by not playing. If the monthly costs get too much and not enough donations/ITC orders cover its cost I may be forced to remove the server.

One final thing - it is hoped that eventually Empire will sanction a server for ICC 2005 and that this server will be used but that has not yet been confirmed.

** Important News **
The server used for playing on-line will close from 31st January 2004. The number of people using the server has reduced to the extent it is no longer justifies the monthly dedicated server costs. If you select Network Game after that date it will always come up with the connection failure box.

This page contains hints for saved games, playing on-line, Changes to the Server, list of Teams who may disconnect rather than lose and instructions on patching ICC 2002 and what to do if you have problems patching ICC 2002.

Network Codes

Unfortunately some copies of International Cricket Captain 2002 have part of the network code missing due to badly aligned labels. A valid network code has 12 characters and takes the form ABCD-1346-EFGH. If you are unfortunate to have some of the code missing email me with as much of the code as you have and I will let you know the complete code. Please note I can only verify an existing code - I will never give out new codes.

Saved Games

bulletYou can not play on-line if you are playing Easy level. This is probably the number one reason people can not play on-line. This point is mentioned in the manual but people can not be bothered to read the manual (you would though probably complain if no manual was included in the game!).
bulletYou can not play on-line if you are just playing Internationals. Again this point is mentioned in the manual.
bulletYou can not use saved games from International Cricket Captain 2001. Trying to use one of these unfortunately crashes the server.
bulletIf you are captaining England as well as you county if your saved game is currently in the middle of a tour (any point in the tour) it will cause a disconnection when exchanging teams.
bulletIf your saved game is at the End of Season / Start of Season screen it will cause a disconnection when exchanging teams.

These last two cases can not be checked for so make sure you continue the saved game until they are not at a problem point.

Playing On-line

These points have probably not been stressed enough. 99% of disconnections and problems are down to one of these points.

bulletIf you use a ISP that has a fixed cut off after a set time (normally 2 hours) make sure you have enough time to complete a match. If cut off it will count as a disconnection. This is especially necessary if you play a 4 day match.
bulletIf you have a WinModem (one that uses the PC to process traffic) you will need a more powerful PC than the recommended specification.
bulletThe server is physically located in the UK - if you are connecting from Australia you may have problems due to distance.
bulletIt is absolutely essential when playing ICC on-line you keep ICC as the active Application/Window and don't switch to any other application. Due to the way the on-line side had to be added to the existing game it can only process server requests when it has the focus. There was no other way to do it due to the existing design of the game. ** Important ** Other programs like email, ICQ, MSN, etc. will often grab the focus when they update. You may not realise this and suffer a disconnection. It is strongly recommended you run ICC in full screen mode to prevent the applications stealing the focus.
bulletClose down all other Internet applications especially ICQ/MSN and your email program if you only have a modem connection as they take bandwidth from the game. Do not have any downloads going on in the background. Close down any browsers as any pages with adverts in are regularly downloading new adverts which again takes bandwidth away from the game.
bulletIf you must switch from ICC to another application make sure you return within 30 seconds. Failure to do may freeze the game (forcing a disconnection) or worse case may result in your PC locking up totally forcing a hardware reset.
bulletIf you continue to have problems your best bet is to change ISPs. A lot of ISPs are only really set up for surfing not on-line gaming. i.e. AOL is one of the worst ISPs on the planet for on-line gaming due to having to go through its specific application.
bulletDon't use teams from ICC 2000/2001 on the 2002 server. 2002 was not intended to use 2001 teams and trying to load them in will cause the game to crash.
bulletIt has been suggested that chatting too much can cause the on-line game to freeze up. Typing more than 3 messages before continuing the game seems to be the limit.

Recommended Setup

This is a recommended setup.

bulletIf you ISP has a cut off after a set time always disconnect and reconnect prior to starting a Network Game.
bulletDisable all other applications especially ICQ/MSN/Email/Web so they can not steal bandwidth or the Windows active window.
bulletPlay Full screen - this prevents accidentally clicking outside of the ICC Window which would lose the focus and could result in a disconnection.
bulletNever switch to another application when playing a match.

Changes to Server

There have been several changes to the server from International Cricket Captain 2001

bullet4 Days games can now be played.
bulletThere are 3 ratings for a team: 1 Day Rating, 4 Day rating and a combined rating. The default rating displayed is combined but you can manually select the others.
bulletStats for Played, Won, Lost and Drawn but not rating are now updated for friendlies as well.
bulletThe formula used for calculating points won/lost has been altered. There should now be a minimum of 8 points available for a win and a maximum of 24 lost for a defeat. If you have played less than 16 matches or are playing against someone who has played less than 16 matches these values will differ.
bulletIf no ladder matches are played for a certain amount of time your rating will drop. This is to prevent people getting to the top of the league and then no longer playing to protect their position. Your rating will drop by 5% after
- 25 Days
- 30 Days
- 35 Days
- 40 Days
- 45 Days
- 50 Days
- Every Day over 50 you do not play
You reset the counter every time you start a ladder match. A separate counter is maintained for 1 Day and 4 Day games.

Teams who may disconnect

This is antisocial behaviour. If you know of any teams please let me know.

Instructions for Patching International Cricket Captain 2002

There is a patch to v1.01 which fixes problems getting past 2013. It can only be retrieved from the Network Game. Start the game and click on Network Game. This will connect to the Empire Server and the first thing it does is check you have the very latest version. If it finds a newer version it will automatically download it and install it. Note: You do not have to register to play on-line to use this method of patching. It is the recommended way of keeping up to date as it will contain all updates and usually get new updates first.

Currently the most up to date version is v1.01.

What to do if you have problems

The patches for International Cricket Captain only contain the differences between versions not complete files. Occasionally you may still get a CheckSum error in which case do the following.

Using Explorer or My Computer navigate to your International Cricket Captain 2002 directory (by default this is C:\Program Files\Empire International\International Cricket Captain 2002) and delete ALL files with .CPF extension. These are the actual patch files and if you have more than one it could mean you have an old one as a result of a failed download earlier. Once you have deleted all the .CPF files re-run the downloaded Patch or click on Network Game to update the game.

If after this you still get CheckSum errors uninstall the Game by going to Control Panel, Add Remove Programs. Once uninstalled check the International Cricket Captain 2002 folder where the game was originally installed was deleted. The uninstall program will not delete files created after the game was installed (i.e. saved games and failed patch downloads). If the directory still exists delete it manually (you might want to save .CAP files as these are your saved games). Now reinstall International Cricket Captain and click on Network Game to update the game.

As a last resort check your registry (use REGEDIT for this). The patch program looks for the location of International Cricket Captain 2002 in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Empire Interactive\International Cricket Captain 2002\1.00\Path - if this is missing then it can not update. This registry key is only created when installing International Cricket Captain 2002 off an original CD-ROM. If it is missing you will need to investigate why your registry was not updated.

Still got problems

If after doing all the above you still have problems this means your International Cricket Captain 2002 files have been altered in some way.

This is probably for one of the following reasons

bulletYou are using an unauthorised external patch like a no CD-ROM required patch. Reinstall the game and don't use patches like this.
bulletYou are using the illegal warez version of International Cricket Captain 2002 which has a modified .EXE file to remove the CD check. The patching system will never work with this version. You will need to install a legitimate version of International Cricket Captain 2002 before you can patch the game.
bulletYou MAY have a virus which has modified the main International Cricket Captain 2002 executable or one of its DLL libraries. Make sure you install a virus checker with up to date virus definitions (less than 2 weeks old). If you have not got a virus checker GET ONE. VirusScan by McAfee Associates ( is a popular virus checker that has a free trial version available for download or even a scan over the web.

Revised: Saturday, 16 March 2013.
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