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International Test Cricket


Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

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Damien Kenneally said on 22 April 1999

I cannot understand the comments of the disgruntled fan in the feedback section. At least Dan provides FREE upgrades. EA sports will make minor adjustments every year to their game in order to make people by as many different versions. The best thing about ITC is that the owners can have direct correspondence with its creator and I haven't got any other games where this kind of customer support exists. This bloke should have kept his mouth shut.

Anonymous entry left in Guest Book on 20 April 1999.

'Before Christmas you said that you were going to make all these changes to ITC 1.29 and that ITC 1.30 would be ready by Feb it's now April and you haven't done anything.  Have you given up on the game??  I was thinking of getting it and liked these changes that you were going to do but if you have given up on it what's the point of me buying it??'

I did indeed say I would be doing a version 1.30 of ITC but nowhere do I remember giving an exact date of release. I doubt I even mentioned February but even if I did it would have been hopefully by February.  Please remember people I have a full time job and maintain these web pages all on my own so my time is limited. Development of v1.30 is in progress and it will be released when it is finished. Even if you buy v1.29 now all registered users get free updates so you will be able to update when v1.30 is released so there is every point in buying the game.

'It's a real pity.'

It's a pity that you assume that ITC has been given up on and left a public message when a private email would have sorted it out.

'I wonder how many other people are a bit pissed with this.'

A few people have emailed me regarding progress of ITC and I have always replied it will be available when it is finished. I doubt any fans of ITC have been pissed with this as they realise it will be done and that they would get a free upgrade. Customer support is one thing I pride myself on and would like to think I answer peoples queries quickly and efficiently. The amount of additional features I have added to the game since its original release is very high and many people/companies would have charged for these updates.

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