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International Test Cricket


Internet Test Cricket (InetTC) is a statistical based Cricket Test Match simulator for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. It is a sequel to International Test Cricket. Note Internet Test Cricket is now a 32 bit program and will not work with Windows 3.x/WfW. The biggest addition to Internet Test Cricket is as the name suggests the ability to play against over a human opponent over the Internet or TCP/IP network.

Internet Test Cricket has been released as Shareware. Features listed in bold are new features that are not present in International Test Cricket. The final list of features is not yet complete and will hopefully grow.

Shareware version - Coming soon

bullet32 Bit version
bulletEven more accurate statistical based model for Test Matches.
bulletComplete Player averages and records calculated.
bulletPlay against human opponent over the Internet or TCP/IP network.
bulletBuilt in chat feature whilst playing online.
bulletPlay against intelligent CPU opponent
bulletSelect teams from a Squad of 20 Players.
bulletPlay up to 6 Tests in a Series.
bulletSelect Team/Batting/Bowling aggression.
bulletControl action ball by ball or over by over.
bulletSelect Batting/Bowling order.
bulletPitch/Ball/Bounce/Weather/Outfield conditions.
bulletForm ratings for Batting/Bowling/Fielding.
bulletOutput to printer, file, HTML source.
bulletBuilt in email option.
bulletLeague option with 2 Squads.
bulletDoes not save player averages and records when program is exited.
bulletOnly has 2 squads England and New Zealand.

Registered version - 20

This has all the features of the shareware version plus

bulletAll Records and Averages calculated are saved to hard disk at the end of every series. They are automatically loaded in every time you start Internet Test Cricket.
bullet20 player squads of all 10 current Test playing countries (Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe) are supplied along with Test ground details.
bulletThe current position can be saved to disk and continued at a later date.
bulletThe League option now allows you to have all 10 squads playing.
bulletYou can use multiple databases with Internet Test Cricket.
bulletYou select which database to use each time you start Internet Test Cricket.
bulletBall by Ball output to a text file.
bulletArchive options for completed Series and Leagues that can be viewed at a later date by other uses of Internet Test Cricket even if they do not have the database originally used.
bulletNew Match options - select Number of Days, Minimum Overs per Day, Runs for Follow-on, Overs before New Ball, Runns for No Ball/Wide, No Balls/Wides included in Bowlers Analysis, Include Runs for No Ball if Batsman scores off it.
bulletWatch full replay of any Test that has been archived as part of a Series/League.
bulletSelectively clear Players Injuries/Morale/Averages, Records, Ground Results, Squad Results, Series, League or entire Database
bulletYou can add/edit/delete players/squads/grounds from the database.
bulletAdd a new player or ground from the Edit Squad screen.
bulletAbility to play a Play by Mail (PBM)/Play by e-mail (PBeM)/Office Pool League.
bulletYou can Import databases from International Test Cricket.
bulletYou can Export Databases via text file format.
bulletYou can Import Databases via text file format with options to add to, overwrite, merge with or replace existing Database
bulletYour name and address will appear on the title screen. Please make sure that you send the correct details.

Minimum System Requirements to run Internet Test Cricket

bulletA 486DX2 or better processor
bulletWindows 95/98/NT
bullet8 Mb of RAM
bulletStandard VGA or better Windows display driver
bulletApprox. 6.5 Mb of hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements to run Internet Test Cricket especially at higher resolutions

bulletA Pentium or better processor
bulletWindows 95/98/NT
bullet16 Mb of RAM
bulletSuper VGA or better Windows display driver
bulletApprox. 6.5 Mb of hard disk space
bulletInternet connection for on-line play

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