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International Test Cricket


This file describes the various differences between different version numbers of Internet Test Cricket.


[SW] Shareware version only
[REG] Registered version only
[BETA] Beta version only
[ALL] All versions

Note all Beta releases generate a DEBUG.TXT file each time they are run which contains debug information that is used to try and solve any existing problems.

v2.00 Beta 7 - Released 16th July 2001


bulletFixed bug that meant you could not save a scorecard to a file.
bulletFixed bug that meant fielding aggression would be grayed out at fall of first wicket.
bulletFixed bug that meant no balls and wides were incorrectly displayed in scorecard bowling analysis.
bulletFixed bug that meant wide icon would not be displayed if number of runs conceded for a wide was not set to 1.
bulletFixed bug that would occasionally cause network game to hang.
bulletAdded ability to declare an innings in a network game. To prevent deliberately contrived results you can only declare 3rd innings if a certain number of runs ahead.

v2.00 Beta 6 - Released 28th May 2001


bulletFinally fixed last few bugs regarding message boxes. Now all of them work and display correctly. Both players can have different display options set and it will still work fine.
bulletAdded timeout feature to message boxes if playing a network match. The reason for the timeout is your opponent might not have the same message box displayed and is waiting for you to accept it before the match can continue. The time out is set to 4 seconds.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you were playing a network match it would only display human players names and status if resolution was 1024x768 or greater.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you added a team to a new league whilst the PBM/PBeM option was selected it would still show the CPU/Human radio buttons.
bulletFixed bug in all scroll bars used in dialog boxes where dragging the scroll box would cause the value to be set to one limit or the other. This was due to scroll bars being handled differently in 32 bit from 16 bit.
bulletImplemented new scoring algorithms. As a result of the new algorithms bowlers are now rated separately for economy rate and strike rate rather than a single rating. Also no longer team batting and bowling aggressions but new fielding aggression.


bulletFixed bug that meant if you played a one off test that was not the 1st in a series it was possible to click Last Team when picking the team. Whilst this displayed nothing it did invisibly pick 11 players which meant the next player picked was Player No. 12.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you press space after finishing replaying a test the test would be restarted.
bulletAltered Reset Databases option to now display a dialog allowing you to optionally:
- Reset every Players Morale to Normal
- Clear all Player Injuries
- Clear all Player Averages
- Clear all Records
- Clear all Ground Details
- Clear all Squad Details
- Clear Current Series
- Clear Current League
bulletAdded new Match Options dialog box that allow you to set:
- Number of Days
- Minimum Overs per Day
- Runs required to enforce Follow-on
- Number of Overs before New Ball
- Number of Runs for a No Ball
- Number of Runs for a Wide
- No Balls/Wides included in Bowlers analysis
- Include Runs for No Ball if Batsman scores Runs
bulletAltered Add/Edit Squad Database dialog box so that you can now Edit any Player or Ground in the Squad. You can also create a new Player or Ground from scratch.
bulletAltered Player Edit dialog box to allow for strike rate and economy rate.
bulletAltered Squad Adjust dialog box to allow for strike rate and economy rate.
bulletAltered PBM / PBeM Select Team dialog box to allow for fielding aggression.

v2.00 Beta 5 - Released 21st January 2001


bulletFixed bug that if playing ball by ball allowed you to change the bowler mid way through an over by clicking on them in the bowlers window. This would also generate an aggression out of range error.
bulletFixed all printing. The original ITC 16 bit printing code was no longer compatible and had to be totally rewritten.
bulletImproved File Open/Save dialog boxes so that a sensible default extension is added to all files if one is not entered.
bulletImproved File Save dialog box so that if a filename that already exists is entered you are asked to confirm the overwriting of the old file.
bulletFixed bug that meant you could not send email as it wrongly complained it could not load WINSOCK.DLL.
bulletAdded a Chat Window when playing a Network Game. It appears just below the Toolbar Window. To type in a message click on the edit box or press Return (the normal default of this displaying the scorecard is ignored for Network Games). To send the message click on the Send button or press Return again. Messages you send are shown in white and messages received from your opponent are shown in yellow. The window shows the last 4 messages but these are not saved if you move or resize the main ITC Window.
bulletFixed bug that meant if no specialist keeper was picked the best part time keeper automatically chosen by the computer could be selected to bowl.
bulletImproved logic when the computer chooses a keeper when no specialist keeper is picked so that player selected is not a bowler.
bulletChanged way next over/ball is handled for a network game. Now bowling side first send their tactics over and then the batting side sends their tactics. The toolbar shows the names of the two players and whether they are waiting or thinking. This improves the reliability of playing a network match.
bulletAdded feature that allows you to change your tactics at the fall of a wicket even if you are playing over by over. Previously you to wait until end of over to change tactics.
bulletFixed numerous bugs that meant if you played a network match with various messages set to display message boxes the game would go out of sync with both players waiting for the other. ** Update - there are still some issues with message boxes causing the game to screw up so for the time being they have been disabled when playing a network match. Any messages will still appear in the highlights window.
bulletFixed bug that if you had automatically display aggression dialog boxes selected it was possible for the bowling side to select batting aggression at the fall of a wicket.


bulletFixed bug that meant occasionally replaying a test would screw up. Problem would occur if a run out appeal was turned down but no runs were scored.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you reset Database it would not write out the cleared database. It was actually writing it out but not including the .db file extension.
bulletFixed bug that meant updated averages/records were not being saved automatically at the end of each series.
bulletImplemented saving and loading of a series/league part way through in the same way as for ITC. File is not called CURRENT.DAT though but rather <database_filename>.dat
bulletFixed bug that meant if you declared an innings midway through an over and then replayed the test it would not end the innings correctly.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you played a test with the option to pick side in batting order and then replayed the test the batting order would be sorted and not in the order you originally picked.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you tried to import an International Test Cricket text database file it would complain about an unexpected Id 0 on line x (typically 32).

v2.00 Beta 4 - Released 29th May 2000


bulletHopefully fixed bug that meant occasionally every scoring shot would be a six.
bulletIncreased buffer size for incoming network messages which should hopefully improve network play.
bulletFixed bug that meant if you clicked on the bowling window to change bowler it would only work if you clicked on the actual radio button and would instead bowl next over with existing bowler. Now works and will highlight next bowler to bowl.
bulletFixed bug that meant rectangle drawn around ball outcome icon was incorrect.


bulletFixed bug that meant if you played a one off test it would set the ground name to Ground No. 0.

v2.00 Beta 3 - Released 9th April 2000


bulletFixed bug that meant if bad weather at start of test, whole test would be missed and series summary would be corrupted.

v2.00 Beta 2 - Released 21st February 2000


bulletReset the wicket calculations back to what they should be. For testing purposes had made wickets fall 10 times more often.
bulletImproved network code when sending data which should hopefully improve network reliability.


bulletAltered code so that new feature of Replaying a test is present in the Beta releases.
bulletFixed bug which meant Beta version would work even if it did not find a valid registered version of International Test Cricket :-)

v2.00 Beta 1 - Released 20th February 2000

Initial release of Internet Test Cricket.

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