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International Test Cricket


There are normally several cricket games under development. If you know of any cricket game being developed not included here please send me details.

A commercial game under development will move as soon as advanced details (screenshots, demo, etc. are available) to the Commercial section. A Shareware / Freeware game will only be moved to the Shareware / Freeware section when a version is available to download. This is unfortunately due to the large number of games that are started but not finished for one reason or another.

For each game here you will find

bulletDescription/review of the game
bulletLinks (official and unofficial sites)
bulletDownloads (demos, patches, editors etc.)
bulletScreenshots (where possible)

There are no ratings for each game as ratings can be subjective. Read my comments and download the demo where possible to make up your own mind before buying the game. If you want to write your own preview of any game here please do and send it to me so people can see the opinion of more than one person.

On with the games

Commercial Cricket Games

bulletWorld Cricket by Exile Software

Shareware Cricket Games

bulletCricket Manager by Tortyfoo Software Limited
bulletCricket Player by Brett Ward
bulletCounty Cricket Manager 2002 by Phil Carty
bulletMillenium Cricket by Rohan Karandikar
bulletStumped! World of Cricket by Oli Norwell

Freeware Cricket Games

bulletArcade Cricket 3D by Mat Clark
bulletECricket by Paul Robson
bulletJCricket by Brian Blackwell
bulletUmpireSim by Phil Carty
bulletWorld Cricket Manager by Glenn Stiemens

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