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International Test Cricket


ICC Logo ICC is an extended page dedicated to Empire's impressive cricket management game International Cricket Captain. ICC is not the first ICC web page and probably won't be the last but it will not disappear like some sites have had to do.

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Sunday, 27 October 2002

Updated Downloads page - added new link to demo.

Monday, 2 October 2000

Updated Downloads page - added links to Middlesex Miracle, Nerves of Steel, New Zealand Madness, Northants 9 to Win, Surrey 2014 and Warwickshire1 Scenarios by Roger Sharp.

Sunday, 10 September 2000

Updated Downloads page - added link to Share the Test Talent Database by Roger Sharp.

Monday, 29 May 2000

Updated Downloads page - added Missing Openers database by Richard Smith.

Sunday, 28 May 2000

Updated Downloads page - added English Fantasy database and Fielding Placements by Richard Smith.

Friday, 21 April 2000

Updated Downloads page - fixed link to Indigo World League 1999 total conversion. Previously it had been pointing to the 1999 Patch total conversion. Thanks to Patrick Dean for letting me know as I was unaware it was incorrect.

Sunday, 16 April 2000

Updated Downloads page - added link to ICC '96 Database by Roger Sharp.

Saturday, 12 February 2000

Updated Downloads page - as a result of the additional space now available to me I have uploaded all the ICC Total Conversions (including the excellent Indigo 1999 Patch) and all but 2 of the Scenarios that for so long have not been available. If any links are still broken or you have the 2 missing files (Young Lions 2 and ICCI) please let me know (do not send the missing files until requested).

Monday, 17 January 2000

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short general hints by Guido Hatzis and Wade Pearce.

Sunday, 12 December 1999

Updated Links page - removed broken links.

Monday, 18 October 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added link to Hints at Cheats Warehouse plus recommended players from Matthew Baker.

Updated Links page - added link to Cheats Warehouse.

Wednesday, 15 September 1999

Updated Reviews page - added link to review by plus links to reviews of Australian Cricket Captain by GameBlitz! and PlayNow.

Wednesday, 1 September 1999

Updated Downloads page - added Durham Danger and Lancashire United scenarios by Matthew Partridge.

Sunday, 29 August 1999

Updated Downloads page - added Defection Dealings 1 and 2 databases plus Firey and New Zealand Madness scenarios all by Matthew Partridge. Matthew has also mentioned 1 more scenarios he has ready to be added here.

Saturday, 21 August 1999

Updated Links page - added link to Harbour ICC.

Saturday, 14 August 1999

Updated Downloads page - added link to ICCI scenario courtesy of ICC International.

Thursday, 12 August 1999

Updated Cheats page - added Player cheat by Zeeshan Jangani.

Updated Links page - added link to ICC International.

Wednesday, 14 July 1999

Updated Downloads page - added details of 1980 database by Indigo, All or Nothing Database by PC Cricket Zone, Overseas Patch database by Dave Austin and bug fix for 1999 Patch Total Conversion to stop it crashing at start of second season.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short general hints by William Bucksmith, Anonymous and Ben Aston plus short bowling hints by Matthew McInerney and Robert Buxton.

Monday, 5 July 1999

Added form to allow you to quickly rate International Cricket.

Updated Downloads page - Indigo's 1999 Total Conversion has been updated.

Monday, 28 June 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short general hint by Ben.

Friday, 18 June 1999

Updated Cheats page - added new cheat by Matthew Harbour.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short bowling hint by Ax Murdah.

Updated Wish List page.

Saturday, 12 June 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - updated James Hollands General hints in 1 day games.

Updated Wish List page.

Sunday, 6 June 1999

The popular ICC fan site Indigo has now definitely re-appeared at its old location.

Updated Downloads page - Added details of Indigo 1999 patch plus re-linked all downloads to Indigo's new location so scenarios Clean Sweep, Dream Team, First ICC Scenario and Young Lions plus super player Martin Franks are now all available again. Added mirror locations for the Southern Hemisphere Cricket Captain and Indigo World League 1999 Total conversions plus The Ultimate 1999 Photo pack. The only scenario still unavailable is Young Lions 2 so if anyone has that please get in touch.

Friday, 4 June 1999

Updated Downloads page - un-linked all downloads to Indigo whilst it is currently unavailable due to server problems with UK Sports Network where it is hosted. Dave Austin has re-opened The 12th Man and as a result of this Legends of Cricket & International Super League databases, Free Agent Frenzy scenario and Field Settings Pack 1 are available for download again.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short bowling hint by Nishant Kumar.

Thursday, 25 May 1999

Updated Links page - added link to Chris Byrne's ICC Pages.

Sunday, 16 May 1999

Updated Downloads page - added new database by Damian Gleeson.

Saturday, 8 May 1999

The popular ICC fan site Indigo has now re-appeared.

Updated Downloads page - restored download links to scenarios and databases on Indigo.

Wednesday, 28 April 1999

Updated Downloads page - added New Names submitted by Damian Gleeson.

Updated Feedback page - added feedback by E. Harradine.

Updated Wish List page.

Wednesday, 21 April 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added several short hints by E. Harradine to General section.

Tuesday, 20 April 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short general hint by Leo Draper.

Monday, 19 April 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short general hint by Leo Draper.

Updated Wish List page.

Tuesday, 13 April 1999

On the Downloads page some of you may have noticed that files linked from Indigo and ICGW are currently broken. Indigo and ICGW are merging and becoming the UK Sports Network which will go live Wednesday night. Hopefully then the new links can be established and these files will become available again.

Updated Wish List page - rearranged Wish List into categories: General, Management, Graphics, Commentary / Sound, Match, Batting, Bowling and Fielding. Also added several new items.

Wednesday, 7 April 1999

Updated Cheats page - added mention of ICEd.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added short batting hint by Brent.

Updated Wish List page.

Saturday, 27 March 1999

Updated Feedback page - added analysis by Paul Clarke.

Friday, 26 March 1999

Updated Reviews page - added fairly critical review of ICC by Guy.

Updated Wish List page.

Sunday, 21 March 1999

Indigo have released their second Total Conversion of ICC. The Indigo World League 1999 conversions swaps the gloomy English league for a star studded international super league! Featuring 18 international cricketing nations, this is a must have! If you thought ICC was dead, you're wrong.

Updated Downloads page - added details for downloading IWL1999 from Indigo.

Friday, 19 March 1999

Updated Wish List page.

Updated Reviews page - added review of Australian Cricket Captain by Hyper.

Tuesday, 16 March 1999

Updated Wish List page.

Monday, 15 March 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added detailed tips by Denny Mathew.

Tuesday, 9 March 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added hints by James Hollands.

Sunday, 7 March 1999

Indigo have released the first Total Conversion of ICC. The Southern Hemisphere Cricket Captain (SHCC) conversion allows you to play any of the domestic teams from Australia and South Africa or one of 2 teams from New Zealand. Includes all new pictures of players, grounds and updated fixture list. Unlike previous databases this integrates properly within ICC. This represents a tremendous amount of work and effort by the development team and if it proves popular there are other Total Conversions in the pipeline.

Updated Downloads page - added details for downloading SHCC from Indigo.

Wednesday, 3 March 1999

Updated Downloads page - added new Yorkshire scenario by Damian Gleeson.

Updated Downloads page - added Pakistani Photo update by Denny Mathew.

Updated Downloads page - removed direct download link for Ultimate Overseas Photo update by Indigo at their request.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added hints by Damian Gleeson, Daren Goldfy and Gareth Hughes.

Tuesday, 2 March 1999

Updated Downloads page - added Ultimate Overseas Photo update by Indigo.

Monday, 1 March 1999

Updated Downloads page - added South African and Sri Lankan Photo updates by Denny Mathew.

Thursday, 25 February 1999

Updated Downloads page - Removed ICEd (ICC Editor) v1.0.16 patch by request as it was a test version that accidentally got released. Apologies to Mike and Chau.

Updated Wish List page.

Wednesday, 24 February 1999

It has been reported in the forum that ICEd v1.0.16 was not meant to be an official release. Chau Le the author says please use extreme caution if you download the patch and back up any files you work on regularly. This is sound advice for using ICEd at any time especially if working on a database.

Updated Downloads page - Added ICEd (ICC Editor) v1.0.16 patch plus Young Lions 2 scenario coutesey of ICGW.

Updated Feedback page - endorsement that some of the tips here do work.

Sunday, 21 February 1999

Updated Downloads page - ICEd (ICC Editor) now available for download from

Updated Downloads page - added Indian Photo update by Denny Mathew.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added hints from Denny Mathew.

Monday, 15 February 1999

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page - added hints from E. Harradine.

Updated Wish List page.

Sunday, 14 February 1999

PC Cricket Zone has now closed. ICEd (ICC Editor) is now available from Cricket Gaming Network.

Added new Wish List page - send in all your suggestions on how the game can be improved.

Added new Feedback page.

Updated Downloads page - added first ICEd databases courtesy of Indigo and ICGW both done by Dave Austin plus commentary for ACC demo.

Sunday, 7 February 1999

Demo of Australian Cricket Captain is now available from the Downloads page.

Added new Australian Cricket Captain section.

Friday, 5 February 1999

Patch v1.41a of ICC Ashes Edition is now available from the Downloads page.

ICEd (ICC Editor) was released today by PC Cricket Zone. For the first week it has been requested that no sites post scenarios or data files created using the editor.

For the last few days the official ICC Forum has been closed whilst Empire sort out some passwords to counter the problems the forum encountered with fake and obscene messages. In the meantime Indigo has started a forum. Also available is the forum.

Monday, 25 January 1999

Patch v1.35 of ICC is now available from the Downloads page.

Updated Downloads page - added 2 scenarios courtesy of The 12th Man.

A release date has been announced for ICEd (ICC Editor). PC Cricket Zone hope to have it available from 5th February. As soon as it is available at least one new scenario developed by me and probably others by the other beta testers will be available. A big thank you to Chau Le for persevering with the editor even in the face of some flack.

Updated Reviews page with Review by Hotgames.

Updated Hints 'n' Tips page.

Sunday, 17 January 1999

It seems hardly a week goes by with out some controversy in the ICC Forum. This weeks issue is the Australian version of ICC which is being released as a full price game whereas some people think it would be better suited as an add-on or even a free download. It has been known for some time that Australian and South African versions of ICC were due.

After seeing the arguments put forward and the fact that only 1,000 copies of ICC were officially distributed within Australia as a special request it seems fair that as it is still effectively a new market that ICC be released in Australia as a new product. For players of ICC in England it would be nice if the Australian release was available as an add-on as that again seems fair. It looks more likely though that people based in England wanting to play the Australian release will have to pay full price and order it from Empire direct. This is probably because of the numbers Empire feel would be involved.

I certainly do not subscribe to the option that it should be a free download. Work on the Australian releases plus fees to the ACB and Ian Chappell need to be reclaimed somehow. ICC is not a massively profitable title like Fifa 99 (and there have been 3 full price Fifa games released in the last 12 months) so needs to maximise its earning potential. If this means paying full price for new countries then it is better than having no commercial cricket games at all. To be fair to the ICC team when the special Ashes version was released they made a point of saying it was not worth buying if you were an existing owner of ICC.

This issue is likely to be raised again when the South African version is completed and the World Cup version is released later this year.

Updated Downloads page - added 7 scenarios, fielding positions, new player photos and a Bradman patch courtesy of ICGW, Indigo and PC Cricket Zone.

Updated Links page - added NICCE another new ICC site.

Sunday, 10 January 1999

I have been able to test ICEd for the last few days and have designed a scenerio using it. This will only be released when the full version of the editor is released. PC Cricket Zone have requested that no scenerios or player patches are made available until the final version of the editor has been released. This will hopefully be some time in February. From my experience the editor has proved very stable.

There was some confusion when PC Cricket Zone said no-one else could provide downloads created using ICEd or even write about it but this has now hopefully been sorted out. Misunderstandings like this one could have killed the editor before it had been released.

No-one at Empire has yet commented on the editor. They are probably still against it but hopefully it can extend the life of ICC. I must admit I had stopped playing the game but since ICEd came along and I created my scenerio I have started playing it again.

Updated Links page - added ICC Amercian Fan Site another new ICC site.

Sunday, 3 January 1999

An ICC editor is now in development. I am a beta tester for the editor and can report it works. It occasionally throws a slight problem with ICC but it is very much a work in progress. The Editor, known as ICEd (ICC Editor) is being developed by Chau Le, an experienced programmer. Features include the ability to edit team names, player names, team budgets, stats, and more. PC Cricket Zone has more details of ICEd including a screenshot. ICEd is not yet available for general download but when it is it will be exclusive to PC Cricket Zone.

Updated Cheats page with details of ICEd.

Thursday, New Years Eve 1998

The saga over Premium ICC and the official ICC Forum has reached the attention of Empire who have asked Premium ICC to be taken down or face possible charges of libel. It is sad that it had to come to this but Adam Takla has had his 15 minutes of fame that he was probably seeking.

Updated Links page - added Bowled ICC another new ICC site.

Tuesday, 29 December 1998

The official ICC Forum is currently falling into disarray again. Adam Takla has provoked a lot of debate and vitriolic with his postings and web site Premium ICC. He has told me that he wanted to add some controversy and spice to the forum which he certainly has although I would not condone his behaviour. The upshot is that most of the posts now amount to little more than name calling and finger pointing with rumours (probably all false) and threats flying in all directions. I personally have not got involved but both sides have spoken to me about it. Hopefully it will all die down soon.

Unfortunately the above was written before I visited Premium ICC today and saw the ICC Files page Adam has added. Whilst some of his statements are slightly true but blown up out of all proportions the vast majority of it is untrue. The bit about ICC having stolen code from ITC is pure fiction as I have never shared any ITC code with anyone. All that is true is that the ICC team legally registered their own copy of ITC some time before releasing ICC.

Added ICC Strategies by David Austin to the Hints 'n' Tips page.

Updated Links page - added The 12th Man a new ICC site, very well designed and written by David Austin a true fan of ICC.

The International Cricket Gaming web site by Tyrone Marshall covering ICC and ITC has been relaunched and is much improved.

Thursday, Christmas Eve 1998

Updated Cheats page with useful tip submitted by Denny Mathew that allows you to always make best use of the pitch :-)

Wednesday, 23 December 1998

Updated Links page - added link to Stumped ICC another new ICC site.

Tuesday, 22 December 1998

Updated Links page - Indigo has been completely redesigned and improved plus added links to Frontline ICC and Premium ICC two new ICC sites.

Monday, 16 November 1998

A special Ashes version of ICC was mastered on Friday and should be appearing in the shops in the next few weeks. It allows you to play the upcoming Ashes Series without having to qualify as England captain first. Brian and the team are keen to emphasise that existing owners of ICC should not buy this new version. It is intended to attract new customers and raise the awareness of ICC again in the run up to Christmas. A patch for existing users is unlikely as there are graphical and database changes as well. All efforts are now being concentrated on finishing the Australian and South African releases.

Sunday, 15 November 1998

Updated Downloads page - added scenerio and fielding setups to page linked from Indigo.

Saturday, 7 November 1998

The official ICC Forum is currently rather full of messages about the so called editor and also contains a lot of fake messages which amount to little more than name calling. There appears to be no way to easily validate where a message has come from. It has been suggested to me by other ICC wehmasters that for the time being we boycott the official forum and use another one until Mr *** ******* gets bored with the lack of attention he is suddenly getting. There are two forums that could be used, the one here at or the one on PC Cricket Zone. This is probably a little unfair on Empire who set up the forum for ICC fans but at the moment the forum is serving very little purpose.

Updated the link to Indigo which has changed its URL to Update any bookmarks accordingly.

Wednesday, 4 November 1998

Added links to other reviews of ICC at bottom of my review.

Sunday, 1 November 1998

The supposed ICC editor that was meant to appear last Friday has not appeared. The author now claims he has given it to an ICC site but none of, Indigo, ICG or PC Cricket Zone have the editor or have even had any direct contact with the author. It does all now appear to be a hoax which is a pity as an editor is definitely possible. I have manually altered values in the ICC database and it has worked fine. I don't though have the free time to create an ICC editor.

Tuesday, 27 October 1998

Can I remind people to please fill in this form allowing you to tell me what you want to appear on these pages. So far I have had just 1 response.

There is currently quite a lot of talk on the ICC Forum about the editor which is supposedly being released this Friday. The author apparently will decide which ICC web site will get the editor so they can advertise it! I personally am a little sceptical about this. Firstly no-one as yet has ever received an email from the author so we don't know who he is and secondly why does the author not put the editor on his own web site. I am of the opinion that the web site selected will also have to act as technical support for the editor as well. Certainly Empire will not provide support if ICC goes wrong or crashes as a result of using the editor. Other ICC sites have leapt in offering to host the editor with banners and on the authors terms. ICC is happy to have the editor as a download but would be reluctant to provide technical support as this could be very time consuming. An ICC editor will render the ICC Global Hall of Fame useless as a team of super players will always win and rack up a huge score. Empire are against an editor for this very reason. If it could be altered such that a game played using an edited database could not be submitted in a similar way that the England Alec cheat does not allow you to submit a score that would be much better. Not sure of the solution to this problem. Genuine players could lose out to cheats.

Just read an update on the forum. The author of the editor has provided a method for Hall of Fame submissions using a modified database to be detected. This is an excellent move and will hopefully stop the cheats that was a fear of Empire spoiling the Hall of Fame. Also he will supply an email address and help file for potential tech support although the program has been tested and has not shown any problems with ICC so far. The editor will still be released to only one ICC site on friday. No doubt everyone else including here will copy and provide a local copy of the file. Tune in Friday for more details.

Thursday, 22 October 1998

Fixed links for ICC patches v1.31 and v1.32 on Downloads page.

Wedesday, 21 October 1998

Added readme files for all ICC patches including the lastest v1.34 to Downloads page.

Tuesday, 20 October 1998

Added v1.34 patch for ICC to Downloads page.

Added new tip.

Saturday, 17 October 1998

Added v1.31 and v1.32 patches for ICC to Downloads page. Also added local copy of v1.33 patch.

Added form allowing you to tell me what you want to appear on these pages.

Brian Walker has sent a message to the ICC Forum explaining that Empire have relocated and it took them longer than anticipated to get back on line. The ICC team have not abandoned the forum and have asked that any questions they might have missed be reposted. Brian said they were working very hard on the Australian and South African versions and that these should be available in December. Both will be released as standalone games. Not sure if there is an upgrade/data disk option for existing owners of ICC.

The sequel to ICC has had to be renamed.

Ken Daniels the webmaster of the now sadly defunct ICC-Online has given permission for the contents of ICC-Online to be merged into ICC. Added tips, other pages will be added over the next few days.

Friday, 16 October 1998

Added masses of Hints 'n' Tips from PC Gamer magazine.

Added forms to make it easy to submit a tip or cheat.

Tuesday, 13 October 1998

Got first tip for ICC. Send in your own tips and you could win a prize.

Monday, 12 October 1998

After writing in Cheats that I was surprised that no player editor was available a mystery person wrote in the ICC Forum that they had developed such an editor. Hopefully more details will be forthcoming soon.

Added my Review of ICC.

Added 2 'super players' to Downloads page- courtesy of Sam Clark and Indigo.

PC Sport Games have just posted a review of ICC. News courtesy of PC Cricket Zone.

Sunday, 11 October 1998

Initial upload of ICC.

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