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International Test Cricket


Michael Vaughan's Cricket Manager (previously Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager) by Midas Interactive is the commercial release for Stumped! World of Cricket by Oli Norwell.

It was released in the UK on 21 September 2001 priced at 19.99. It should be released in Australia at some point.

Wednesday, 29 April 2005 Ltd have informed me that they have sold out of Michael's Vaughan's Cricket Manager and do not expect any more stock in.

The sequel to Michael Vaughan's Cricket Manager, Cricket Coach has been in development for some time by Rockingham Games. A release is expected some time during the 2005 season. More details can be found on the official Cricket Coach web pages.

Tuesday, 16 April 2002

Patch 1.11 has been released. This is a list of the fixes

bulletUpdated County Championship divisions.
bulletImproved realism when negotiating contracts.
bulletFixed several GUI problems.
bulletFixed small problem with colours in finals screen.
bulletAdded Wicket Keeper/International Duty icons in averages.
bulletFixed missing 'not outs' on scorecards.
bulletUpdated database.
bulletAltered board confidence code to give more time to failing managers.
bulletMany other minor alterations.

Updated Downloads page - added 1.11 Patch.

Tuesday, 9 April 2002

Oli Norwell posted in the Forum

A patch will be released for the game later on today. It fixes all known problems with the game and updates the player database.

Fingers crossed it will be the last patch for MVCM. I'm very happy with how the game is playing now and from now on will be concentrating on future projects.

I've been having major problems connecting to the internet over the last couple of days and so haven't been able to upload it yet.

If my internet connection is okay tomorrow then it will appear on sometime in the afternoon.

Thanks for your patience,

Oli Norwell

Updated Links page - updated link for official OB Games site.

Monday, 18 February 2002

Heard from Oli Norwell

The game has been officially renamed to 'Michael Vaughan's Cricket Manager', this is due to ongoing problems with the use of the words 'Championship' and 'Manager' in the same sentence.

Secondly the game is set to be released in Australia in March, this isn't 100% certain but came from a reliable source at Midas. No news on what it will be called but 'Cricket Manager' is a likely title. I'll let you know when I get more information, i.e. a definite release date.

Note I am not happy with this potential choice of title from Midas as it conflicts with my game Cricket Manager.

Added Reviews page - added link to review by

Saturday, 17 November 2001

The patch for Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager has been released. Updated in the patch

bulletFixed a bug with the batting selection dialog text after altering batting order.
bulletFixed problem with saving finance balance.
bulletFixed "Best 11" button bug (occasionally picked injured players)
bulletChanged word "exstatic" to "ecstatic"
bulletChanged bowling fitness code to alter tiredness rate slightly.
bulletFixed a bug with calendar dates.
bulletAltered code to reduce sixes.
bulletAltered code to warn if no keeper selected.
bulletModified rain code slightly.
bulletMoved County Championship winners screen to earlier date.
bulletFixed bug with being unemployed and endlessly simulating game.
bulletFixed problem occasionally with buying free players.
bulletUpdated grounds database.
bulletAdded Samaraweera, Dravid and Streak, missing players from earlier version.
bulletAdded 30 players and removed occasional double.
bulletIncorporated data update by Matt Smith.
bulletAdded extra players from ICC Trophy teams.
bulletAltered code to increase difficulty level.
bulletFixed abbreviations for some teams.
bulletFixed colours on some screens.
bulletFixed occasional mouse problem.
bulletEnhanced match engine.
bulletPlus many other minor changes.

An unofficial Editor MVCCM Team Editor v1.0.0 by Sriram K. has been released.

Updated Downloads page - added 1.02 Patch and Unofficial Editor.

Saturday, 10 November 2001

I have received the beta version of an editor for Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager. It allows to to add/edit/delete all players in the game plus adjust the team parameters.

Oli Norwell posted in the Forum that the patch has been sent to Midas for final testing and for them to upload. Hopefully should be available next week sometime.

Thursday, 25 October 2001

Added Cheats page - added cheats to allow you to manage any of the 14 International sides not listed initially.

Added Hints 'n' Tips page - added General Hint which should win you more matches.

Thursday, 18 October 2001

The official Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager web site at has been updated.

Added Downloads page - added official demo of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager.

Saturday, 13 October 2001

Oli Norwell has posted in the Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager Forum

Hi all,

Just to let you know the official Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager web site will be available soon.

It will contain information about the game, reviews, screenshots and several docs to help with editing of the game.

I also have a couple of extra downloads that I haven't mentioned on this forum that will be available shortly, so keep an eye on it!.

It should be online at sometime on Sunday night.

Thanks again for the suggestions/comments etc,

Oli Norwell
Creator of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager

Updated Links page - added links to the OB Games (developers of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager) and Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager Zone (fan site).

Tuesday, 2 October 2001

Updated Editing page - made some changes after hearing from Oli Norwell.

Sunday, 30 September 2001

Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager has now been released for just over a week. The forum is already proving popular. If anyone else wants to write a review of the game please send it in.

Has anyone got some Hints 'n' Tips for winning the game? Please send in tips articles.

Added Downloads page - added updated county stats by Matt Smith.

Added Editing page - initial analysis of data files.

Thursday, 20 September 2001

Heard today that Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager should be released in Australia at the end of November. It will have a Australian player endorsement and some changes for the Australian market. More details when I know them.

The game is definitely being released in the UK tomorrow and should be available from all normal computer game stores. Alternatively you can buy Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager on-line and get it shipped to you.

Added Reviews page - added review of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager.

Friday, 7 September 2001

Managed to get a quick play of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager at the ECTS show. Also spoke to the producer and marketing people who both seem surprised at my genuine enthusiasm for the game.

Some general points:

bulletThe game will be released on Friday, 21 September. Was originally meant to be Friday, 14 September but has been put back by a week for some reason.
bulletMidas do intend to release the game in Australia and India as soon as possible after the UK release date. Am waiting on exact dates and local prices.
bulletMidas will be donating some copies to for a competition. Hopefully Michael Vaughan will sign these copies as well.
bulletMidas are already talking about v2 of the game assuming Oli is interested in doing it.
bulletI should be getting a review copy as soon as one is available.

Some points about the game in the few minutes I was able to play it:

bulletAll the teams from Test playing nations are included.
bulletA team is rated using Reputation, Wealth and Support.
bulletUp to 8 people can play the full management game at the same time.
bulletThe English season will start from 2002.
bulletNo editor will ship with the game BUT all player, ground and fixture data is stored in text files so this could be utilised by anyone wanting to write a third party editor.
bulletThere are no graphical highlights (I don't see this as a bad thing).
bulletPlaying of other matches is very quick and you can see the results in a window whilst waiting for your next match.
bulletComputer controlled teams will make requests to 'talk' to your players.

I was not able to complete a match (only literally a few overs) so can not comment on the accuracy yet. A full review will appear as soon as possible.

Friday, 31 August 2001

Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager (that really is quite a mouthful - need to come up with a suitable short version) will be shown off at the ECTS trade show next week. I have arranged to meet up with the marketing bods at Midas to spend some time actually playing the game.

Added Features page - listed features and requirements of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager.

Added Links page - added various links for Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager.

Added Screenshots page - added 6 screen shots of Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager.

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