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Jeff & Paul's Cricket 2 is a shareware program for DOS. It is written in Turbo Pascal and strangely for a shareware game full source code is included (although it is not easy to fathom out what the code does as it is not very structured or formatted).

The authors, Jeff Gilfelt & Paul Grzadka, claim 'Jeff & Paul's Cricket 2' is the most advanced, statistical game on the market at this time. When this time was I don't know but it is rather a bold statement. As the game does not store any averages or records it is hard to validate this claim. There is a Stats menu item but it does nothing. In fact a lot of menu items in this program do nothing.

Whilst the game uses EGA or VGA graphics mode it is text based. The game menu claims to allow you to play a Test match, One Dayer, Wills World Cup or Super 8's but only one dayer appears to work. You are asked to select the 2 teams (players are rated using their actual averages), coach name and batting order. There are 3 modes for batting defensive, normal and aggressive but no tactics for bowling other than selecting which bowler to bowl. For each delivery a number is shown saying how many runs were scored or if a dismissal how it occurred. There are options to see the scoreboard or run rate.

That is all there is to the game and after a while it gets a bit boring. You have to play both sides and the screen display is very bland.



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