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International Test Cricket


Amazing Cricket 2002 is a freeware program for Windows 9x by Sumit Chowdhury. It requires the Visual Vasic 6 run-time files (not included).

Sumit's notes: Amazing Cricket is a cricket simulation game of its own kind. It may not be full of unique features but it certainly makes sure that you'll get complete entertainment out of it. This is the first cricket game developed by me with a little inspiration from other cricket games. I am very much sure that you'll like my work. I have tried my level best to make this game as exciting as possible so that you sit glued to your computer monitor. The interface in is brilliant and you can control the batting and bowling strategies. You can select the teams, the ground etc. You have the option of either playing manually or automatically. Manual play gives you more control over your strategies while the auto play saves time. This game doesn't contain any form of graphics and that's why those of you looking for arcade games may be disappointed. I feel sorry for that but I assure you that this game is by no means any less entertaining than the arcade ones. If you don't believe my words, see it for yourself. You're the best judge. So, download your copy right now. It's all free...


bulletODI Cricket Simulation.
bullet16 One Day International teams to choose from.
bullet23 World Class Stadiums from around the world.
bulletDate and time informed on start up.
bulletComplete batting and bowling summary after each ball.
bulletProvides fall of wickets information.
bullet6 different batting strategies to choose from.
bullet6 different bowling strategies as well.
bulletAbility to change strategies at any stage.
bulletTwo modes of game play - manual and automatic.
bulletDisplay screen notifies the electrifying moments.
bulletComplete help provided with download.
bulletReleased as a FREEWARE game.



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