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International Test Cricket


Total Cricket is a freeware program for Windows9x/ME/NT/2k/XP by Sriram K, Sumit Chowdhury, Reuben Verghese and Yaju Arya. It requires the Visual Basic 6 run-time files and some other additional run time files (not included in base download but available from Total Cricket web site if necessary).

Please note that whilst the credits currently say based on International Test Cricket by Daniel Thomas there is no ITC code or algorithms used in the game and I had no part in its development. I would say a better choice of word would be 'Inspired by' as a lot of ideas and functionality have been borrowed from ITC.

The game is also still in a beta stage so if you have any problems contact the developers via their web page. I have had a few cases where the game has simply displayed an error message and ended.

Features copied from the Total Cricket web site.

bulletThe Greatest Freeware Cricket Game Simulator on Windows. Their claim although one that may turn out to true.
bulletGame Modes includes Friendly, ODI Series, Tri-Nation Tournament and the All Important World Cup.
bulletChoose your Batting Orders and Bowling Line-ups.
bulletSet the Aggression Levels for each stage of Play.
bulletBowling Stats includes Most Wickets, Best Bowling, Best Average and Best Economy Rates.
bulletBatting Stats includes Highest and Lowest Team Totals, Highest Individual Scores, Most Runs, Highest Average, Innings of 50s and 100s, Top Century Makers, Highest Strike Rates and Record Partnerships.
bulletOther Statistics includes Player Profiles, Team Records and World Rankings.
bulletTeams includes 10 Test Playing Nations with all the current Players and Statistics.
bulletOver 20 different Grounds from around the globe with all their attributes such as Spin, Bounce, Speed and others.
bulletFeature packed Editor to Edit, Create and Delete all the Game Statistics including Player Details, Team Details and Ground Details.
bulletPlay against the Intelligent Computer Opponent or your more Intelligent Human Friend and frame all the Strategies for Success.
bulletUp to 3 Human Players can join the Tri-Nations Mode while up to 10 Human Players can play the World Cup to enjoy it at the fullest.
bulletAbility to Save Match Results in both Text and HTML Format.
bulletYou can either choose to Save only the Scorecards or Save the complete Ball by Ball Outcome of the Match.
bulletReal Time Match Analysis with TV-style Bar Graphs (Manhattan) and Worm Graphs.
bulletReal Time Match Scorecards with detailed Player Performance including Balls Faced, Runs Scored, Strike Rate, Fours and Sixes Hit etc.

...and a whole lot of other features for you to discover.



Total Cricket 389 Kb from

If you need additional files to get the game working visit Essential Files.


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