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International Test Cricket


Cricket Career is a freeware program for Windows 9x by Sumit Chowdhury. It requires the Visual Vasic 6 run-time files (not included).

Sumit's notes:

Cricket Career focuses on cricket career management and simulation. Your aim in the game is to get selected for the World Cup Squad, to stay at the highest level for as long as possible and to accumulate a huge bank balance. To do this successfully, you'll have to take care that your health and accessories always remain at a higher level. You'll be having a Health Care Unit to recover lost health and a Cricket Gear Store to buy all your cricketing accessories. You'll be earning money through match fees, sponsorship deals and performance bonuses. The in-built Training Center helps you to enhance various cricketing skills. While you perform well, you'll be promoted to the next level but you may be dropped from the team if your performance goes below par. Experience all the highs and lows of a cricketer's career with this superbly designed game.

Game Features

bulletCricket Career Management. 
bulletVariable Skill Points Available. 
bulletPlayer  Sponsorship Deals. 
bulletCricket Gear Stores To Buy Products. 
bulletHealth Care Center To Recover Health. 
bulletTraining Facilities To Enhance Skills. 
bulletComplete Career Record Book. 
bulletMultiple Gaming Levels. 
bulletVarious Income Sources. 
bulletSuperb Graphical Interface.
bulletComplete help provided with download.
bulletReleased as a FREEWARE game.



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