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Turbo Cricket is a freeware cricket management/team building simulation for DOS and Windows 9x written in C++ and Visual basic by Powerboost Software. Turbo Cricket consists of a suite of programs that allow you to create your own players and squads and then play custom tournaments.

Players and Squads are created/edited using the Editor (Windows 9x). Each player has 8 attributes you can adjust: Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Co-ordination, Courage, Accuracy, Cricketing Mind and Endurance. Squads can be standard, 1 day or 4/5 day. You also decide very detailed team orders: batting order, bowlers & fielding positions (for every 10 overs segment). All aspects of the matches can be altered like 1 day, 4 day, number of overs, timed/unlimited, follow on targets, etc.

Once you have designed your squads and tournaments the matches are played using the results creator. This gives a text commentary of the match as it carries out the teams orders. The only control you have during the game is when to declare - everything else is done using your team orders. This makes it an excellent simulation for PBeM. Detailed results and records are stored and can be viewed with the Stats Viewer.

This is not a quick simulation but requires time and effort to set up your initial squad. The documentation is excellent and tells you everything you need to know. For those who want more information there is a very detailed description of all the mathemtical models used to simulate the cricket match.

Update 13/06/2000

New distribution package which includes updated documentation with a couple of points cleaned up and updated versions of the Team Editor and Results Creator.

Update 27/11/2000

Turbo Cricket v1.4 is the definitive version of the game. Many minor bug-fixes and improvements have enhanced nearly every element of the game. Featuring greater stability, a new License Agreement and a proper Windows Installer. Turbo Cricket v1.4 is the last version before the author begins work on the sequel, 'Turbo Cricket 2 - Second Innings'.


Turbo Cricket v1.4 1.5 Mb from

Updated Database by Harry Commin. I created Australia, England, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and an all time World XI. I edited the files to make the gameplay better - I increased the statistics beyond the limits to allow faster scoring and higher totals.


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