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International Test Cricket


Denis Shine's One Day Cricket Simulator is a freeware program for a Windows DOS box by Denis Shine written in Modula-2. The game plays out a One Day International using teams (squads of the 9 test playing nations are included) of your choice. This game uses the players One Day statistics to play out a One Day Match. The game simulates accelerated scoring in the first 15 and last 12 or so overs of an innings, as well as the increased chance of getting out during the 'slog'. You can choose automatic or manual bowling. Selecting manual means you have to select the bowler at the start of each over. Other than that there is no other player input. Once the game has been completed you can see either innings or partnership details.

Denis has also included a fairly detailed document with the game that describes the player file format so you can add your open teams. He also goes in to details of the algorithms he uses within the game.

v1.2 changes - The last version was too bowler friendly which has been fixed. Also, added a new feature - over graphs.

v1.2 update (02/10/2000) - latest player details and bug fixes.



Denis Shine's One Day Cricket Simulator v1.2 77Kb (updated 25/09/2000) from


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