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International Test Cricket


Test Cricket Simulator is a very old cricket simulator for DOS written in 1989 by me and released as Freeware in 1992. I had forgotten all about it and can not find the source code at all. Someone obviously got hold of it though as I found it on CricInfo quite by accident.

This program simulates Test matches between the then seven cricketing nations of the world. The simulation is run as a series of cricketing tours between 1989 and 1993. Not all of these tours actually took place and some additional ones were made up to make more teams play each other. There is no user interaction in this game.

For each Series firstly the tour details are shown, who is playing, when, how many Tests and where they will be played. For each Test the teams are displayed. The team is chosen by the computer. It takes into account players various skills, the expected pitch conditions and the current form of a player. The Test is then played by the computer. Although this appears to be almost instantaneous there are thousands of calculations done before the result is found. The computer always tries to create a result (time and weather permitting). Even the Man of the Match is calculated. Complete scorecards for each innings are shown plus Player ratings.

At the end of a series, a summary of the series is shown showing all the results of the Tests, who won the series, Man of the Series and Series batting and bowling averages. This is repeated for all the tours. There are quite a few covering the four years of Test cricket.

After all the tours have been completed, career averages for all the nations are shown plus records for Highest Team Score, Lowest Team Score, Highest Individual Innings, Highest Wicket Partnerships, Most runs in a series, Most runs in a career, Best bowling in an Innings, Best bowling in a Match, Most wickets in a series, Most wickets in a career, Most catches in a series, Most catches in a career and Overall team performances against all the other teams.

All these details are presented on the screen. To advance press a key. Note due to some strange quirk if you are running in a Window moving the mouse or pressing a button seems to count as pressing a key. The results for each run of the program are different.



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