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International Test Cricket


Sim 1 is a Test Cricket Simulator written by Philip Shead based upon original original Basic code by David Dyte.

You can create teams for the game using a text editor. Default test is Australia vs West Indies and additional files are supplied for New Zealand vs England and South Africa vs Australia. The format for each player is
"firstname" "surname" batavge bowlavge stamina speed

After starting the program you are presented with the main game screen (see screenshot below) which lists the batting and bowling details. Below the scorecard are a list of the bowlers and their stamina rating. You select the next bowler by typing in the number. For each over a bowler bowls he loses 1.5 stamina points. These can be regained at 0.5 for each over he is not bowling. A bowler can not bowl if his stamina points fall below 2. The outcome of each delivery is shown as the 1st line. There are no tactics that can be set other than bowling order or declaring.

At the end of the test you can print the scorecard. In fact this saves it to a file. The file lists all the innings details but not include the result! No averages or records are available. As there are no other tactics other than bowling order I would like the option of being able to generate a quick result without having to constantly enter bowler numbers.

Sim 1 is unfortunately not a very good program. Even the author in his readme file describes it as a crappy program. An online version of Sim 1 written in Java also exists.



Sim 1 60Kb from

Australia vs England by Arijit Sen.

India vs Pakistan by Arijit Sen.

Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe by Arijit Sen.

West Indies vs South Africa by Arijit Sen.


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Online version of Sim 1


Main game screen

Sim 1 Screenshot

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