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International Test Cricket


First Class Cricket is a freeware DOS program by Rob LeGrand III. It is the successor to Britannic Assurance County Championship Cricket which was an old DOS program I did not know who the author was to give them credit. I have since heard from Rob who told me where to get the latest version.

First Class Cricket is unsurprisingly a simulation of first class cricket. Unlike the previous version that only simulated the Britannic Assurance County Championship this version allows you to sepecify a data file. There are 16 different data files available. When first run you are presented with 9 options or Exit program.

  1. Print a side
    This allows you to view the squad for any squad. Unfortunately in some cases there aren't a full squad entered and Mr. Cricketer makes up the rest of the Squad. Also some data files have players like Botham in multiple teams (Somerset, Worcestershire and Durham).
  2. Play a match or series
    This plays a one off match or series. You select each team and then decide to play match quickly, show only fall of wickets, or show play by play. If you elect play by play you get a scorecard and can elect batting strategy for each ball from normal, aggressive or defensive. There is no bowling strategy.
  3. Play one round of the season
    This lets you play a complete round of matches. For each match you get the same options as Play a match. After each match the current points table is displayed.
  4. Play a quick season
    This plays a complete season with no user interaction.
  5. Print current points table
  6. Print compiled statistics for this season
    This allows you to view the season averages for any squad.
  7. Print batting and bowling leaders for this season
  8. Reset simulated results
  9. Save or restore a season

The presentation for this program is very basic. The different data files provide more variety than the previous version. There is no way to alter the players within the program but looking at the data files they are text files and hence could be edited. The results sometime don't seem that accurate.



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