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International Test Cricket


The Cricket Simulator is a Freeware Test & One Day simulator for DOS written by Syedur Rahman.

Text supplied by Syedur Rahman

The Cricket Simulator is yet another freeware cricket game in text mode. It's a one-man game, designed and programmed in QuickBASIC by Syedur Rahman, who is an A Level student of computing science. There are two executables included in the zip file - 1daycric.exe (for the one-day version) and testcric.exe (the test cricket version).

The game uses a complex formula - about 136 lines of code - to generate the game, by combining the batsman and bowler’s averages, and predicting the possible outcomes of each ball. The team data are stored in files with the extensions SRC and STC for the one-day and test teams respectively. Each file can hold data on fifteen players, and while beginning a game, a player can select any 11 of them to play in that particular match. The player will have to select whether to "Play with a team" or not, that is whether he/she will be in control of the team (i.e. team selection, bowling changes, declarations, batting orders etc.)

While playing, if you want to speed up the game you can hold down the enter key, and the computer will make all the decisions for you automatically, if you hold the shift key the game is sped up, however if you have selected to "play with a team" it will stop when decisions need to be made by you. To quit at any time, keep the escape key pressed.

The results after match are stored in two files score.txt (score file) and comm.txt (commentary file). Score.txt will have the batting scorecard, bowling figures and partnership stats of each innings played in the match. The comm.txt file has ball-by-ball commentary including the who is bowling to who and the outcome of each ball, line by line. After each match, the computer will ask whether you want to save the score file, you can do so by pressing Y and inputting a 8 letter file name, it will automatically be given the extension SCT. You can also view the recentmost score by selecting "Display old scores" from the main menu and then choosing "Display recentmost score". You can also select to load an old saved score file from the current directory.

The new version also stores the statistics of each player for all matches played using the cricket simulator. You can view or erase them from the view stats option on the main menu. All records (matches played, innings, runs, averages, strike rates, wickets, economy rates etc) are stored and updated in the team files after every game.

The commentary file can be displayed by going to Display Old Scores option and then selecting commentary file. The recentmost commentary file can also be saved or viewed. If saved the extension SCC is given to it, and it can be loaded later at any time.

The newest version of The Cricket Simulator includes the following features·

bulletTeam files, eighteen (previously used to be 15) cricketers per team
bulletPlayer can select 11 of the 18, and change the batting line up
bulletStatistics for each cricketer - batting & bowling types and averages which actually affect the game
bulletSelecting bowlers
bulletBall by ball commentary
bulletThe score file & new commentary file
bulletAbility to save an unlimited number of these files and view them later
bulletOver graphs
bulletPartnership figures
bulletAI is better at selecting bowlers, declaring etc.
bulletIt can now keep statistics (matches played, innings, runs, averages, strike rates, wickets, economy rates etc) for each player for all the games played using the cricket simulator

The test cricket version has some added features as well as those already mentioned

bulletKeeps track of time for lunch, tea and end of day
bulletInnings Victories
bulletFollow ons



The Cricket Simulator 257Kb from Updated 30/09/2001.


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