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International Test Cricket


World Cup Cricket (not to be confused with World Cup Cricket - a different game with the same name) is now a Freeware (originally released as Shareware) cricket game for DOS by Mark Carter.

World Cup Cricket is a successor to Sticky Wicket. It is based on international one-day matches played between the nine test playing countries. For the first three years you play different tournaments with the aim being to qualify (only the top 8 teams qualify) for the World Cup help every 4 years. Each tournament is quite different and may require different tactics. Some are knock out tournaments where you only get one chance where others are mini leagues. When picking your team it is now made up of 4 batsman, 6 bowlers and a wicket keeper.

In control World Cup Cricket is very similar to Sticky Wicket. When batting you get an overhead view of the ground and see the bowler deliver the ball and the batsman hopefully hit it. You have no control over this part. Once the ball is hit though you control whether to run or not and how many to run. At first this will probably result in a lot of run outs but you soon master the quick single. The criticism that there are only very few 2s and no real opportunities to run 3s still stands and when bowling the computer still simply cycles through all his bowlers in 1 over spells which is unrealistic. You can now though additionally set a batting strategy of Minimal, Cautious, Standard, High, Maximum or Auto.

When bowling you have a choice of 5 fielding setting Orthodox, Defensive, Attacking, Highly Attacking and Unorthodox. There is no option to define your own fields. You select the next bowler to bowl and this time you only get the graphical view for highlights (4s, 6s, missed chanced and wickets). You can only have 6 bowlers in a side but the game is intelligent enough to prevent you bowling a bowler if it means one bowler would be unable to complete his allocated overs.

There are options to see your standing in the qualification for the World Cup, full averages (career and recent) and see your career record compared to every other captain. When playing the World Cup you also get World Cup averages and records. There are 5 skill levels to keep you playing the game and provide a long term challenge.

World Cup Cricket is a lot of fun to play. I actually registered this program without playing the shareware version as a result of reading a review in a magazine. It may have dated a little bit nowadays but still runs fine on today's much faster PCs. I can remember wasting many hours guiding England to World Cup glory when I should have been studying.

The registration price of World Cup Cricket is 15. ** Update ** World Cup Cricket is now Freeware. When you register you can play all the tournaments for as long as you want captaining any of the 9 test playing countries and be able to save/restore your position.



World Cup Cricket (full registered version) from World Cup Cricket home page.


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World Cup Cricket home page.

World Cup Cricket for Amiga home page. Details of a 95% completed version of World Cup Cricket for the Amiga.


Each year play a different tournament.

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

Team selection screen

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

Main playing screen

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

A scorecard you want to forget - at least no run outs

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

Other World Cup Results

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

World Cup averages

World Cup Cricket Screenshot

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