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International Test Cricket


Super Cricket Simulator is a new freeware cricket one-day game for DOS written in QBasic by Timothy Glover, Syedur Rahman and Aditya Mandavilli. Teams for England and Australia are provided although you can create your own using a text editor (currently consists of just player names). As this is the first release of the game there may well be bugs. If you find any please send them to Timothy Glover.

v1.03 release notes - All bugs fixed. Game should run now with no weird happenings, like a bowler taking 4 wickets in his first over, and the two batsmen are still not out. Or if a team gets all out, two batsmen won't be still not out on the scorecard. Sometimes when A run-out occurred, no player's name would be specified, this is now fixed too. Game should seem fairly normal now. Also added all 9 country teams.

v2.00 release notes

bulletCan play test matches.
bulletTeam name no longer has to be entered, it can be put into the team's file.
bulletMinor bugs fixed.

v2.01 release notes

bulletUpdated team file databases.
bulletUpdated team file databases (added Bangladesh, Kenya and Scotland team files).
bulletMade it so in test matches, catches dominate.
bulletFixed bug (one-day match run rate problem).
bulletFixed bug (test match run rate problem).

Game is MUCH better now, now that run rate is at a normal level.

This is most likely the last Super Cricket Simulator DOS version, unless something drastic happens that I want to add. Super Cricket Simulator Windows version is under way now, and I want to focus more on that version for a while.

I'd like to thank Syedur Rahman for his excellent help in this project, I have found his work and help to a lifesaver, and I owe him quite a lot. I'd also like to thank all the comments I've received from downloaders, and lastly I'd like to thank Daniel Thomas for hosting the game on his website.



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